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.As my work and understanding evolves I am heading into the territory of metaphor strictly as it relates to the physiological process underlying symptoms and diseases. I am really excited about this approach because it will incorporate all the latest medical research findings that we have about each disease and symptom that we experience.

I am calling this new work, "The Body Relationship". My hope is that this work will help us to understand and unravel why we have the health problem that we have. My great hope is that this information will be supportive and helpful and easily accessible to anyone who wants it. Also I really hope that this information will extend into providing support to caregivers, families and practitioners, by increasing knowledge and understanding in those who care for us when we have a health challenge. Thank you. Love Janie


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About Janie Ticehurst

Janie is an Author, Registered Nurse and a Health Coach. She received the Brotherston Medal during her studies at Edinburgh University, Scotland where she obtained a Masters Degree in Community Health.

Janie has been helping people navigate their way to better health for the past 18 years. Janie loves to see improvement in health and happiness as she works together with each client. The support that Janie provides varies from client to client, depending on the health challenge that is being faced. Janie aims to provide support through the most difficult of health challenges.

Janie’s unique approach combines her medical knowledge of the body and disease process with her ability to provide emotional and healing support. Janie’s health coaching is very much based on each individual client’s needs. Janie is very firm about incorporating the medical model into her healing sessions, ensuring that all of her clients are also receiving appropriate medical intervention.

Janie’s latest book, "Mind Over Fat – The Body Relationship", is designed to support people through their weight loss process, as they work to become the ideal, healthy weight they want to be.

Janie is currently continuing to work in the area of exploring new and more effective ways of helping people through their health challenges.

Her goal is to improve our relationship with our body so that we can live healthier and happier lives. Janie is based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and works with people in many parts of the world.z

"see Doctor first"

We working on our new shorter version of "Medical Considerations" to alongside which says similar words "see Doctor first" in essence about any medical issue.. Nurse Line in England or Canada is available.for some things.

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Medical Considerations

If you have a medical condition then the first step is to seek professional medical advice. The Body Relationship approach to becoming healthy works alongside - and is not an alternative to - the appropriate medical treatment or therapy.

In the area of a serious health problem The Body Relationship hopes to support you as you work through this serious issue with a medical professional. If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms that cause you concern then your first step is to be assessed by a medical doctor

Mind Over Fat - The Body Relationship
a fresh healing approach to obesity with Janie Ticehurst.

Mind Over Fat illustration by Melanie Collis

Janie shares insights into the psychological dynamics of why our bodies store fat and how we can have our natural bodyshape (and love it!)

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