Healing Keys ♥

Janie is writing new material for Healing Keys - The Body Relationship and writing up her latest research with different illnesses, ailments and Metaphor

Here are some of the Healing Keys that Janie works with:

Love is real. Love is not easily daunted, and love cannot be shattered like the dreams and illusions that can lead to illness. Love and bonding help heal pain and illness by resolving hidden conflicts.

Every choice you make for wellness and healing your illness can help. It is especially helpful to choose to resolve any fear, anger, guilt and conflict you may be experiencing, as these feelings can exacerbate the illness.

Ask for the gift of forgiveness to fill you. Now, specifically ask for forgiveness for this person to fill your heart and, when this is complete, feel the energy of forgiveness flowing from your heart to theirs

Under each of our problems, illnesses and pain, there lies a gift we brought in at a soul level that is waiting to be embraced.

Grace makes everything easy, simple and smooth. It is that which enables us to live and love fully, reaping the bounty of a carefree life.

You can always integrate anything dark or negative into your higher mind and the light of your spirit.

Letting Go
Letting go of the attachment causing our problems in health can heal us and move us into the next stage of our life. When our heart refuses to move on, our attachment holds us back in our life.

Choose to know and live your purpose, because you will know yourself and your happiness, as you step up to keep the promises your soul made for this life.

Trust is one of the great healing principles that can resolve any problem, and so it’s inner knowing of a positive outcome establishes a new level of confidence in ourselves, the situation and heaven. Trust generates the willingness to allow the situation to unfold easily and truly.

When we understand what is occurring, we naturally join with those we are in conflict with, and regain our feelings of being compassionate and loveable ourselves.

The pain underlying an illness is not the truth, and neither are our hidden, but mistaken, goals. Truth brings clarity and leads us in the direction of good health and freedom from the symptoms of the illness.

Willingness puts us into the flow once again and helps to restore bonding. Every true step forward is a true step in intimacy and health.

A Happy Story
We can change our story. We can choose a new story!
Metaphors are story. Our body is a story teller.

Our body is communicating with us through our senses and mental process. What are we interpreting ? What do we hear?

Full and deep love with our whole self.
Body and mind are just one thing.

Nutrition. Exercise. Environment.
Spiritual care, emotional health, our clear loving mind.