Health Coaching with Janie

Janie began developing her coaching sessions 19 years ago when she trained in coaching and psychological group process work. It seemed a natural step for her to combine this training with her knowledge and training as a registered nurse

“I always wanted to work with patients more effectively, so that they would have renewed hope for good health, no matter what their issue”.

Janie’s work and study has taken her to many parts of the world. At the heart of Janie’s sessions is the support to help people to change and heal whatever it is that they want to change. She completed her Masters degree in Community Health at Edinburgh University and her thesis revolved around how to help young people make healthy and lasting behavioural changes in their lives.

Janie’s approach combines her medical knowledge of the body and disease process with her ability to provide emotional and healing support. Janie’s health coaching is very much based on each individual client’s needs. Janie is very firm about incorporating the medical model into her healing sessions, ensuring that all of her clients are also receiving appropriate medical intervention.

Janie's coaching, group work and bodywork are based at:

Docs On The Bay
West Vancouver ,
B.C. , Canada .

Janie also has health coaching sessions by telephone/internet phone.

Please ask any questions or talk to Janie by email


Janie on Howe Sound (near Horseshoe Bay)