Janie Ticehurst

My dream is to help people to be happy and healthy. Miracles for health! Janie

Janie is an Health Coach, Registered Nurse and Author. She received the Brotherston Medal during her studies at Edinburgh University , Scotland where she obtained a Masters Degree in Community Health. She is based at Docs On The Bay, Horseshoebay, West Vancouver , BC , Canada .

Janie is currently continuing to work in the area of exploring new and more effective ways of helping people through their health challenges.

Janie’s approach combines her medical knowledge of the body and disease process with her ability to provide emotional and healing support. Janie’s health coaching is very much based on each individual client’s needs. Janie is very firm about incorporating the medical model into her healing sessions, ensuring that all of her clients are also receiving appropriate medical intervention.

Janie has been helping people navigate their way to better health for the past 19 years. Janie loves to see improvement in health and happiness as she works together with each client. The coaching and support that Janie provides varies from client to client, depending on the health challenge that is being faced. Janie aims to provide support through the most difficult of health challenges.

Janie works with people in many parts of the world by telephone/internet.

Janie's face-to-face health coaching, group work and bodywork (massage practitioner) are based at:

Docs On The Bay
West Vancouver ,
B.C. , Canada .

Janie is also an active Registered Nurse.



Janie’s latest book, "Mind Over Fat – The Body Relationship", is designed to support people through their weight loss process, as they work to become the ideal, healthy weight they want to be.