Mind Over Fat - The Body Relationship

Is your goal to lose weight ? Mind Over Fat is the ideal accompaniment to your plans for nutrition and exercise.

Mind Over Fat is a fresh new healing approach to obesity and our relationship with our body from Janie Ticehurst. She shares insights into the psychological dynamics of why our bodies store fat, our relationship to food and how we can have our natural body shape.

Janie gives us 68 dynamics to gain inspiration daily or as needed. There are healing exercises and visualizations to work with for each dynamic - literally using our Mind over our Fat! Each has a lovely illustration by Melanie Collis.

Mind Over Fat has been re-released in a new 2015 Second Edition

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Are you using Mind Over Fat to help with your weight-loss plan ?

Janie is starting new Mind Over Fat groups in January 2015. These are groups of 5 people who meet with Janie for an hour and talk about their ups and downs with weight-loss.

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