The Body Relationship

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Janie will be covering our health and our illnesses; the metaphors she finds helpful for ailments, illnessesand parts of our body. Janie will be examining our own body relationship and some traps in our own mind that block our health.


The Body Relationship

As my work and understanding evolves I am heading into the territory of metaphor strictly as it relates to the physiological process underlying symptoms and diseases. I am really excited about this approach because it will incorporate all the latest medical research findings that we have about each disease and symptom that we experience.

I am calling this new work, "The Body Relationship". My hope is that this work will help us to understand and unravel why we have the health problem that we have.

My great hope is that this information will be supportive and helpful and easily accessible to anyone who wants it. Also I really hope that this information will extend into providing support to caregivers, families and practitioners, by increasing knowledge and understanding in those who care for us when we have a health challenge. Thank you. Love Janie


Medical Considerations

If you have a medical condition then the first step is to seek professional medical advice. The Body Relationship approach to becoming healthy works alongside - and is not an alternative to - the appropriate medical treatment or therapy.

In the area of a serious health problem The Body Relationship hopes to support you as you work through this serious issue with a medical professional. If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms that cause you concern then your first step is to be assessed by a medical doctor


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